Memorial Day tour is near!

May 22nd, 2016 | Posted in News

It’s time once again for those who are Touring this season, to begin to prepare for our Memorial Day Tour to Montpelier, ID. This is a drive that was chosen from the feedback that we received regarding previous Tours.  After last year’s marathon drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, this year’s Tour is much shorter and more laid back.  In fact, the Tour is shorter than a couple of the drives we’ve had this season!!

For those members in the Salt Lake Valley and points south, we will meet on the east side of the State Capitol, at 9:30am for a 10am departure.  This will be the same place as we met for the State St cruise, last season.

The members north of Salt Lake, should gather at the Bicentennial Park in North Ogden, 2600 N  400 East.  The group from the south should arrive there at approximately 11:15-11:30am.   The Bicentennial Park is unique in that there is a spring that has been flowing since 1930.  That’s even older than our Britmobiles!

This will be a brief stop, but if you’d like, bring a jug to fill from the spring.

The route is one which all drivers and passengers should enjoy.  There is beautiful scenery, quaint towns, and twisty roads for everyone to appreciate.   Perhaps the best news is that our route does NOT have any freeway sections.  We have found and driven the paved back roads to get us to Montpelier.  The route uses US highways and State highways from Utah and Idaho; even a portion of the Oregon Trail!

If you have not signed up for the Memorial Day Tour, I encourage you to do so next season when our destination is announced.  You are welcome to   join us and drive a portion of the route, or just show up at the meeting point to see us off.   Driving part of the route with us, will give you a feel for how travel with the seasoned Tourers is a bit different than our normal driving events.

Chalk Creek run this Saturday, May 14

May 9th, 2016 | Posted in News

This Saturday will be our Chalk Creek Valley Run. The weather this weekend is predicted to be perfect for LBC’s; Evanston with a high of 71 and 0% chance of rain (top down!)

Basically, the run is from the Hogle Zoo in SLC, up Emigration Canyon and on to East Canyon, Henefer, Coalville, up Chalk Creek valley, Evanston, then down the original Lincoln Highway through Echo Canyon and on to Taggert’s. Hwy 65 is open so we can go over Big Mountain to East Canyon and on to Henefer and Coalville all on two lane with little traffic. There’s a drain and gain in Henefer at “Grumps.” In Coalville (at the Chevron on Main) we can meet with others from the Park City area and elsewhere.

From Main Street and 100 North (Chalk Creek Road) Coalville we will then head all the way up Chalk Creek valley on a lovely low traffic road. There is a short stretch (about 5 miles) of well-maintained but unpaved county road that leads from Chalk Creek valley to the paved road into Evanston. We can do a drain and gain at the Flying J in Evanston then a short, downhill I-80 run to Exit 178 and onto the original two lane (paved) Lincoln Highway and down the impressive red rock Echo Canyon along the toe of the cliffs. Echo Canyon has a lot of history including the transcontinental railroad, Pony Express route, the Lincoln Highway, and the unused cliff-top battlements left over from a disagreement between Utah and the US government in the form of the US army.

After that a leisurely run downhill on I-84 along the scenic Weber River to Taggert’s may be in order.

A nice return to SLC can be from Morgan back to East Canyon etc. Ogden area is a short run down I-84. Park City area return can be I-84 and I-80.

Let’s meet at Hogle Zoo around 9:30 for a 10am departure.

Route map below:


Tour of Kirkham factory, April 23

April 17th, 2016 | Posted in News

Steen has arranged with David Kirkham, owner of Kirkham Motorsports and the builder of EXTREMELY authentic reproduction Cobras, for a tour of the Kirkham facility!

The tour will occur NEXT Saturday, April 23rd. We will meet at 11010 S Redwood Rd at 9am for a 9:30am SHARP departure. If by any chance there is another County-wide Easter Egg hunt, we will, as a secondary meeting place, use the IHC parking lot, a bit south of 11010 S. Redwood Rd. A brief stop at the Chevron in Saratoga Springs for a Drain & Gain, before heading out to the Kirkham location in Provo.

This is a personal tour that has been set up by Steen for the BMCU. David Kirkham is the foremost manufacturer of reproduction kit Cobras in the world. The bodies are made in Poland . As was written in, “The Smoking Tire” magazine, ‘Kirkham Motorsports out of Provo, Utah makes aluminum bodied 427 Cobra replicas by hand. I don’t mean the kit-car definition of “by hand,” I mean the Rolls-Royce definition of “by hand.” That curvaceous body is pounded out using hammers, English wheels, and sweat.’ The finished product “is such a faithful replica that Carroll Shelby himself buys Cobra bodies from Kirkham.”

This has got to be an EPIC event!

BUT WAIT!! THERE’S MORE!!! As if that were not enough to get your interest, how about this. After the Kirkham facility tour, Steen and Wayne are going to be providing a BBQ lunch for us.!!!


Are these real Cobras?   Technically, no.  They are, however, just about as accurate a reproduction as you can find.

Can I meet BMCU at the Kirkham facility?  Absolutely.  We will ask that, if possible, you drive your British vehicle.

What is the address of Kirkham Motorsports?  The address in Provo, is 2575 W.   1680 North

What time will the group arrive at Kirkham Motorsports?  We will be arriving at around 10:30-11am.

Can we bring our kids?   This is a working facility and has relatively very little space, we are asking that children under 16 not attend the tour.

Is there a charge for the BBQ?    No, this is a being generously provided by the Steen and Mortensen families.

What are the directions to the BBQ?  Directions to the BBQ will be given out, with a map, at the Kirkham facility on Saturday.

May I bring a camera and take pictures?  In the past, there has been no restriction to taking photos.  Just share them with BMCU.

Inaugural drive to Fairview and Price

April 17th, 2016 | Posted in Event Reports

Yep, it was DeJa Vu all over again.  After a week of very sketchy weather, Saturday was an awesome day to be driving a British car.  It was just like a couple weeks ago when we had our Eureka Run.  After a group determined that it really was a Triumph engine in the TR, lol, we headed south to Springville to regroup and meet with the members from the south.  From there, we had 16 vehicles and 24 members in our rolling car show.

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Gary Meldrum Memorial

April 5th, 2016 | Posted in Event Reports

The club would like to thank everyone that attended Gary’s memorial and contributed to his funeral expenses. The club donated $100.00. His niece Cindy will be keeping his TR-6 ( Molly) and has told us that she plans on staying active with the club, and will be going on the Memorial trip with us and will be taking over the Poker Run That Gary started last year.

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