Cruise-In at the Garage Grill, 9/26

September 24th, 2016 | Posted in News

OK, sports fans.  Looks like the weather is going to cooperate and give us great temps for the Monday evening Impromptu Cruise-In and It’s FREE!!!   You asked for more impromptu events and here’s one that is awesome.

Come on!  Admit it.  This is going to be a lot more fun than watching the Presidential Debate.  Heck, set the DVR and then you can watch it later when you’re in a good mood.

This is going to be a bit different because of the hours of the event and the fact that we are piggy-backing onto another function.   For this Impromptu affair, we will meet at the Cruise-In.  The hours are basically 5pm-8pm.   Now here’s the kool thing.   You don’t have to be there at 5pm!  And, if you don’t want to or cannot stay until 8pm, you don have to!    How sweet is that!!!

I’ll be showing up, 1122 Draper Pkwy (approx 12300 South in Draper) around 5pm, but since Jill doesn’t get off work until 6pm, she’ll stop by on her way home.  We’ll probably get a snack or dinner and then head home closer to 8pm, so you could do something similar.

This is a Cruise-In and that’s what we’ll do.  Get there when you can.  Look around for the other Britmobiles and park with us.   Since this is right at the Garage Grill, you can duck inside for an appetizer, 1/2 lb burger, pizza or whatever you want.  I ate there this week and the food is pretty good and the car theme inside is cool, too.

Take advantage of the good weather, other custom cars, great location (its at a car themed restaurant), rock & roll music and a bunch of car people.  The only thing missing will be you if you don’t stop by this BMCU impromptu event.

Project Report – The Urban Cruise

September 8th, 2016 | Posted in Event Reports

It was the coolest day we have had in several months.  However, with clear blue sky and temperatures in the mid 70’s, it was ideal for our purposes.

Our group gathered in the Avenues and enjoyed fresh pastries from the nearby bakery.  It was gratifying to have 21 BMCU cars in attendance. At the sound of the bugle the group was called to order at 0930 hours.  And so the cruise began…

We saw everything from the governor’s mansion to the Chevron refinery.  Temple square to the wilds of City Creek.  Downtown Main Street to Liberty Park.  And, of course, State Street to Murray Park and then ending at the American Legion on 3900 So.

The cruise covered almost 30 miles.

There was a contest to guess how many traffic lights we would encounter along the way.  For $1 per guess and the winner taking the entire prize.  Incredibly, we went through about 65 such signals (our counters came in at between 63 and 70).  The winner was Mark Milligan who generously donated all his winnings to the BMCU.

At the end we were approached by a TV2 mobile unit.  They had spotted us downtown and followed us to the American Legion.  So the day ended with our club getting a nice spot on the 6 o’clock news. We did make their website!

All in all a wonderful Labor Day!

Martin Van Nood, Chairman, “The Urban Cruise 2016”

Alpine Loop Run, September 17th, 2016

September 8th, 2016 | Posted in News

The annual Alpine Loop Run will happen on Saturday September 17. We will meet at 8:30 AM or so on the east side of the South Towne Mall (take the 106th South exit off I-15 going east, enter the mall parking lot off 106th South or from State Street about a block north of 106th South). We will plan on departing at 9:00 AM.

Alpine Loop starting directions

For those who are coming from down south, we will be stopping at about 9:45 AM for bio-reconditioning at the C-Store and Chevron Station in Alpine just before SR 92 enters Alpine Canyon.

We will be heading to Big Springs Park again for lunch this year. When we get to the intersection of SR 92 and 189 in Provo Canyon, we will turn RIGHT and head down Provo Canyon approximately 1 mile to South Fork Road. We’ll turn left on South Fork Road and proceed about 3 miles to Big Springs Park for lunch. This is a lovely little park near the end of South Fork. There are bathrooms but no other facilities. Rodger and Jill Davis will be serving up tasty BBQ for lunch, so bring your appetites!

We are planning on cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.  The appropriate condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish,etc) will be available along with potato chips.  Plates, utensils, and napkins will be provided, also.   There is a rumor that Jill will be making some sort of goodie for dessert.

Bring what you’d like to drink since tastes vary so much it would be impossible to have what you’d want.

After lunch we’ll head up Provo Canyon to Heber/Midway and back to our homes. Should be a nice drive, hope to see you there! For those that want to try a little hill climb, the Guardsman pass road up out of Midway has just been repaved and is an absolutely lovely drive — and a test of your cooling system!


We need to know approximately how many people there will be so that we don’t run out of food, nor purchase way too much.


BMCU Urban Cruise, September 5

August 28th, 2016 | Posted in News

You and yours are invited to join the BMCU gang for a holiday cruise around scenic and historic Salt Lake Valley.  The event will be on Monday, September 5th (Labor Day).

Join us for morning pastry at the Smith’s at 402 E. 6th Avenue (corner of E Street and 6th Ave.). We plan to meet at 9 a.m.  and start the cruise around 9:30.  By the way it will be BYOB.

The final destination is TBD.

Trapper’s Loop

August 28th, 2016 | Posted in Event Reports

WOW, hardly expresses what we felt in regards to Sunday’s Trapper’s Loop Drive.  The weather in the morning was PERFECT for a run up the canyons.  Sure, we had a few bicycles to contend with in Emigration Canyon, but even they could not take the smiles off our faces.  When we made our scheduled Drain & Gain stop in Morgan, I think everyone would have liked to just continue driving; it was that PERFECT.

The clear, smooth, winding roads, along with the excellent temperature and sunshine, made this one of the best drives I’ve been on with the BMCU.   I believe that the other 34 participants in our group of 21 vehicles would back me up on that statement.   Snowbasin was also really nice.  It is so pretty up there.  The food, although a bit pricey, was very good and the lodge is incredible.

The trip home was uneventful even if the temps had now reached the area where our LBCs were getting close to engine temp limits.  I only took a few pictures as several others were also making a visual recording of the day.  To those folks, please post them so we can see what you saw.

Our next scheduled driving event is Labor Day, Sept 5, the State St Cruise.  Marty will be having more info regarding the Cruise on this Group site.

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