First Annual Gary Meldrum Eureka Run

March 26th, 2017 | Posted in Event Reports

Would wet weather keep you from taking your LBC on a BMCU drive?   If you answered “yes,” you may be surprised to find yourself in the minority.

Amazed as you may be at this fact, there were 18 member vehicles on the First Annual Gary Meldrum Eureka Run!!!    That also means that we had 27 members enjoying a great drive and excellent food at B’s Western BBQ in Eureka.

Now comes the MOST AMAZING THING.  I checked the Sign-in Book from last year’s Eureka Run and I had to count twice to make sure what I saw was correct:   19 vehicles and 27 members!!!!!

We gathered at 10am, under umbrellas, in the rain.  Incredibly, there was a lot of smiling and laughter.  Ritt’s Andrew found it fun to run and try to stay dry between the umbrellas.      Here’s something else that was interesting.  As we headed south from Saratoga Springs, the rain stopped and the road dried!   This made the drive much more enjoyable for everyone.   Sure, coming home was entirely in the rain as some members continued on the loop and returned through Tooele and others retraced the original route to Eureka.

Never let it be said that a little rain or bad weather will keep the BMCU members from having a good time with their British Iron.

BTW,  if you have pictures that you took of the drive, please post them here or send them to Rob Foye, our Newsletter Editor.

Thanks to the 27 hearty souls that enjoyed a fun day on the First Annual Gary Meldrum Eureka Run.

Sunday Brunch

March 21st, 2017 | Posted in Event Reports

What a great turnout for brunch on a beautiful day.  I forgot to take the sign in book (early season mistake), but a rough count had at least 40 members  enjoying our first event of 2017. Welcome to Dennis & Sandy, new members, attending their first BMCU event.  Hope to see you a lot this season.

Thanks to Rob Foye for organizing the brunch and having MacCools prepped and ready for us.  Loved your announcements leading up to today.

After eating, Gary Lindstrom led many of us on a very nice drive, up Emigration Canyon.

-Roger D

Gary Meldrum Memorial run to Eureka

March 21st, 2017 | Posted in News

That’s right, it’s time again for another weekend drive! Get your cars gassed up and ready to go!

  • When: Saturday, March 25th 10:00 for a 10:30 departure
  • Where: Meet at Intermountain Medical Clinic parking lot on 11400 South Redwood Road

There will be a drain and gain in Saratoga Springs at the Chevron on Redwood Road around 11:00am. We will be heading to Eureka for a nice lunch at B’s Hangout. The forecast calls for some rain and 49 degrees, a perfect British day.

Hope you can join us for fun and to honor Gary

See you Saturday!

McCool’s Brunch, March 19 11 am

March 19th, 2017 | Posted in News

This Sunday at 11 am at MacCool’s in Foothill Village in SLC, the British Motor Club of Utah will commerate one of Britain’s most famous persons – yes, St Patrick was British, not Irish.

Other important distinctions include the difference between the shamrock (three leaves) and the four-leaved clover.  Botanically, shamrocks (several species) are Trifolium clovers with three leaves. In Ireland shamrocks with three leaves are associated with St Patrick and the Trinity while the 4-leaved clover in our culture is associated with good luck.

Regardless, decorate your LBC with some green stuff; three leaves, four leaves, or no leaves and let’s show off our LBCs in their best finery this Sunday at 11 am.  Drive to follow brunch?

Planning meeting/Potluck Dinner Feb 4

January 10th, 2017 | Posted in News

The first event for our 2017 season is coming up.  It is our Potluck Dinner and Planning get together.

The Potluck Dinner will be held on Feb 4th, at 6pm, at the South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society church, 6876 S. Highland Dr., Cottonwood Heights, UT.   This is the church where we’ve held our last two Potluck Dinners, so, many of you will be familiar with this location.  

There is plenty of paved parking, ramps into the building, an elevator for those who have problems with stairs, a kitchen to do minor prep and/or clean up, and tables and chairs enough to seat everyone.  The room has been renovated since last year and is even more user friendly.   Come and check it out while seeing old friends, learn about the upcoming season and have some great food to eat.

Rumor has it that there may be a couple of different chili’s to sample.   How about it Pugs and Jim S.?   Still remember how to make chili?  Yes, the gauntlet has been thrown!

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