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Trappers Loop/Huntsville Barbeque, 8/19

We’re just a week away from our run over Trappers Loop to the Huntsville Barbecue Company in beautiful Huntsville, Utah next Saturday, 19 August.

We’ll meet at the east end of the Hogle Zoo Parking lot at 9:00 for a 9:30 departure.  We’ll go up Emigration Canyon to Utah 65 where we’ll turn north to East Canyon Reservoir and then west on Utah 66 down the canyon and into Morgan where we’ll drain n’ gain at the Phillips 66 on North State Street near Interstate 84.  From there we go under the interstate onto the Old Highway Road (N 700 E) west to Mountain Green, over Trapper’s Loop (UT 167) North and into Ogden Valley.  Then we’ll turn right onto Utah 39 to go to Huntsville where we’ll have lunch at the Huntsville Barbeque Company on the west side of Huntsville Square (235 South, 7400 East).

Parking will be along the west side of the Huntsville Square park, just across the street from the restaurant.  We’ll order off the menu inside and then they’ll have special seating for us on the shady lawn in the back.

After lunch options to return home include back the way you came, down Utah 39 through Ogden Canyon and onto Highway 89 south back to SLC or, for the more adventurous, you can continue north around the lake to Eden, then Liberty and up/over North Ogden Divide and back onto Highway 89 to return to SLC.

Here’s a link to Google Maps for a preview of the route.

Gas up the LBC, check the fluids and maybe bring a large wet towel to clean the barbecue off your face and hands before getting back in the car!  Hope everyone can join us for the run.

See you next week!

Pat and Donna Rich
“British Banana”

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Impromptu sunset drive, 7/25

Like the rest of you, I’ve looked at weather reports that predict every kind of weather, short of snow, for tomorrow. That means that like the BMCU, they are just about as organized. What this means to us is that no matter what happens weather wise, it will be an excellent, lower temperature opportunity to get your LBC out for a short drive, see your Club friends, and enjoy what we hope will be a beautiful sunset.

Since we live in the mountains of Utah and the weather can be different only a few blocks away, I’m not even going to begin to make a prediction. I do know that we will meet at 8pm on Tuesday 7/25, in the car park of the Arctic Circle, 3408 E Bengal Blvd (7800 south) in Cottonwood Heights.   We’ll see if mad dogs and English car drivers still come out in the evening.

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Passing on the Dream, Saturday 8/5

Passing on the Dream is a new driving event this year geared to introduce the next generation of potential LBC enthusiasts to our beloved British cars.  I’m encouraging each driver to invite a young person to ride along in your classic LBC. I believe your invitation to a grandson or granddaughter, a niece or nephew, child of your own,  a family relative or a neighbor  would be welcome. This will be an opportunity for a potential future LBCer to experience a variety of our vintage autos at one time.
We will rendezvous at 8:30 AM on Saturday August 5th in Kaysville at the Fresh Market Parking lot on 200 North.   The address is 170 W  200 North in Kaysville.  Our drive will leave Kaysville at 9:00 AM heading up HY 89 to the Trappers Loop exit.  There will be 4 miles on Interstate 84.  Trappers Loop will be a scenic climb winding our way to Eden for a picnic lunch.  You may bring your own lunch or there is a series of new small eateries in Eden with good parking, picnic tables, shade trees and restrooms.  There is some  parking in front, and there is a paved parking area in back of the restaurants.
After lunch we will drive down scenic Ogden Canyon Road ( SR 39) into Ogden.  You will have two options.  One, to return home via Hy 89 though Ogden or two, go Go Karting at Toads Fun Zone. Toads is in N. Ogden near HY 15.  We will disperse from there. 
Will you join me in Passing on the Dream?
Frank Mousley, Blue 57 MGA
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2018 Memorial Day tour, Grand Junction, CO

The BMCU Memorial Day Tour 2018, will be to Grand Junction, CO.

Several years ago, a group of us came home from Moab, going through Grand Junction. We were impressed with the scenery and fun roads and put this destination in our memory banks. On this year’s Torrey Tour, when we asked for suggestions as where to go in 2018, Grand Junction was suggested several times.

Your Memorial Day Tour Team is already well into the planning stages for next season’s Memorial Day Tour. I know that this NEW destination is going to be a fun one. Some of us are going to be staying an extra day and returning to the SLC area on Tuesday. You may want to think about joining us, if you can.  

Mark your calendars now for the Grand Junction, CO Memorial Day Tour. May 26 – 28, 2018.

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British Field Day, Saturday June 17!

British Field Day is shortly upon us! British Field Day (BFD) will be held at Liberty Park again this year. All British cars and bikes in any condition from 100-point restorations to works in progress or an old daily beater are welcome. All area British car/bike owners and clubs are invited to participate. Call your friends and fellow club members to get them coming to the event!

Although it is not required, you can speed up the registration process by printing out the registration form, filling it out, and bringing it along with you on the 17th of June.

Setup is Friday evening at 6:00 pm, and if you would like to volunteer just show up and bring a hammer and a staple gun. The BFD event itself is on Saturday June 17.

For more information, see